Anatomy of the Domains we Explain it to You

Domain names consist of two parts: name and domain extension. The name is what really identifies you before your visitors. This should be easy to remember and relate to your business.

It can be your name, the name of your business, or any name or phrase that can be related to the theme of your website. In the case of this portal, the name would be computerhoy.

If the choice of a domain name for your website is important, your domain extension is no less since the same domain name can have several different extensions such as,,, etc.

On the extension of the domain or top level domain, as this part of the domain is technically known, the most administrative part falls, since it is the one that determines the correct cataloging and structuring of the Internet.

The extensions must be consistent with the activity of the web or with its geographical location and must be approved by the regulatory body that administers them called ICANN (abbreviations in English of the Internet Corporation for the Assignment of names and numbers of Domains).

These administrative procedures have to be done by the domain name registrars, which are companies accredited to ICANN and they represent you to perform all the procedures so that the domain you have chosen can start working.

Management of the Domains

As you have already seen, ICANN is located at the top of the administrative pyramid of Internet domains.

ICANN is a non-profit organization that manages the allocation and administration of domains and ensures that they are not repeated in any case. However, ICANN only directly manages a certain type of generic domains, the gTLDs (of the abbreviations in English of generic domains of first level).

The so-called ccTLD domains are managed by non-profit organizations in each country and supervised by ICANN, which acts as a sponsoring or promoting body.

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