It is Profitable to Sell Domain Names?

Acquiring this identification or domain in the network is a must for companies that want to have an active and effective presence on the Internet

Specialized companies and investors take advantage of the importance of choosing the domain and their positioning to do business. This is the case of ‘’, which sold for $ 26,600, or ‘’, which became the most expensive domain in 2016 when sold for $ 375,000.

If you’re not on the Internet, you do not exist. ” This forceful statement reaches deep between companies and entrepreneurs, aware of the unstoppable push of the Internet in business. However, choosing the correct name in the network of networks can be equal or more important and, therefore, you get to pay huge sums of money. A vein that is used, among others, by specialized companies and experts in digital marketing.

Acquiring this identification or domain is a must for companies that want to have an active and effective presence on the Internet. And, in theory, the easier it is, the easier to remember and find will be, in most cases it is also associated with the name of the organization.

Montse Zafra, commercial director of My Web Hosting, explains that just as choosing the name of a new company or product

is essential both at an image and strategic level, the choice of a domain is equally important (and sometimes even more so), since it will represent the brand or company on the internet. “And the image that you transmit will start with the choice of a domain,” he points out.

For the expert, there are several essential aspects that must be taken into account when choosing a good domain and therefore highlights some keys, as representative of the company, does not contain too many characters, is easy to remember and write. Likewise, he assures that it is important to think about the extension of this identification and not to use hyphens or other characters that give rise to confusion. Finally, it emphasizes as fundamental that the domain contains the keyword that is to be positioned.

In the same line, a specialist in marketing, innovation and digital transformation, states that “this identification should be called as the company or trade name or brand to have a coherence in terms of branding,” he explains. And he says: “Personally, I like ‘.com’ extensions because they are international, although in some cases it’s good to play with local domains like ‘.es’, ‘.co’ or ‘.ca’.

At present, there are pages such as 1 & 1, My Web Hosting or Sedo, where buying domains is within reach of any pocket and its price depends on the chosen extension, the provider where it is purchased and its positioning. From My Web Hosting, for example, register a domain ‘.com’ 9.95 usd per year.

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